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LMO Discussion Points

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Laboratory Management Talking Points

This discussion guide has been developed as an aid to implement the knowledge component of the lab management online course into the workplace. The points for discussion follow the course and are broken down by chapters and modules. The delegates will execute the modules in a chapter at their own pace and convene as a cohort after completion. The cohort is usually lead by an assigned leader(s) and collectively they discuss the answers to the structured questions in this guide. Learning should be documented and implemented in the workplace where possible.

LabVine, A learning experience you want to be part of

LabVine is an interactive online learning platform powered by LTS Health Learning.

It provides global access to internationally accredited laboratory specific courses that are developed by laboratory specialists for the diagnostics industry.

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LMSS Lab Management Seasonal School


Lab Management Seasonal School (LMSS) is a five-day course that provides delegates with the skills to perform optimally in a lab management role. 

The program for each LMSS features expert guest speakers, who provide insights into the lab's role in health care, as well as interactive facilitated training sessions on a variety of laboratory management topics. Various sponsorship opportunities exist for organisations interested in having a brand presence at LMSS.


Get more information about this years Lab Management Winter School 2018

LTS Health Learning succefully launched its first annual
Lab Management Winter School in July 2018.


Lab Management eLearning Sales Pack


Selling the course: What you need to know

Cheat sheet: Critical sales info on one page
Internal use only!

Here's a handy one-pager that summarises what you need to know to tell someone about the Laboratory  Management in Online course.

Prospectus: The course info pack

If you need to know just about all information someone would need, this is it. Feel free to share. We will soon provide a printed version of this for distribution.

Course Pricing
Pricing for the full course and separate chapters, should the customer have a different need.

Internal use only

A brief overview of what the market offers and how we compare.

Demo video
If you want someone to experience the product or if you're looking to brush up on your knowledge, watch this video and/or download the script.

2. Email copy to use when contacting someone

The following copy provides a guideline and key talking points. Depending on your client, you can adapt it. Before adding any potential benefits of your own, please check with the LTS Learning team first.


I am excited to contact you about an online laboratory management course we just launched.

We have taken our sought after Laboratory Management in Practice course and made it entirely available online, at an affordable price. It makes it possible for your staff to learn on the go, at their own pace. You also get progress reports to ensure they stay on track and your lab reaps the benefits.

This investment in staff is specifically aimed at specialists who need to transition to managerial positions in the lab. It also holds value for management staff that need sufficient management understanding and anyone working in a team to understand their role in the business.

The course content covers operations, team management, leadership, finance and quality. It can be tailored to suit your specific skills development needs.

Are you available for a brief demo, to see how this course could meet your lab’s management development needs?

I really look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

3. Link to the formal course page on our website

Where possible, try to control the conversation. If a client wants to see or find out more, try to schedule a meeting or demo. If you do need to send a link to someone, send them the following:

4. Case studies for Laboratory Management in Practice

You can use the following case studies to further promote the course. Note that these are from the classroom version of the course, but it shows that the course does add value and that the content is solid.

5. Useful articles that promote the course

Here are two pieces of thought leadership that you can use to send to a client if they wanted to know more about the course, or to strike up a conversation.

Develop the next generation of laboratory leaders

Taking on the transition: Going from lab tech to lab manager