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LabVine is an interactive online learning platform powered by LTS Health Learning.

It provides global access to internationally accredited laboratory specific courses that are developed by laboratory specialists for the diagnostics industry.

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Clinical Lab 2.0 Handout

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Clinical Lab 2.0 places labs at the forefront of better health care delivery, through an innovative new business model.

The world of healthcare is changing - the clinical laboratory is changing with it. While the traditional, transactional lab model continues to serve as a foundation, the emerging Clinical Lab 2.0 business model leverages longitudinal laboratory data to produce actionable, clinical insight, driving better outcomes for patients, providers, and financial stakeholders alike. Clinical Lab 2.0 re-engineers the role of lab in the care continuum, aligning with the future of value-based health care.

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Facility Design

Laboratory facility design is a global service offered by LTS Health consulting. A specialist laboratory design experience that exceeds expectations.

When it comes to laboratory design, we think of it all.

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The official LTS presentation. This presentation has been built with various sections that highlight our product offering. This includes:

  • About LTS (our company mission and background)

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  • LTS Learning

  • The 8 Principles

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